Mapping Portland: The Complete City is a mapping project that offers a unique opportunity for the public to shape a new vision of Portland.


Come to our annual Drink and Crit on the ‘Process and Findings’ at

SPACE Gallery on September 27th @ 6:30 pm!

Mapping Portland: The Complete City is the third in a series of PSA programming that addresses the challenges and opportunities of growth and change facing the Portland community.

PSA will distribute 5,000 maps to Portland citizens, inviting them to draw what they love – and don’t love – about Portland, and to describe what they wish were different and want to see happen in our city.

All submitted maps will displayed on our website.

Curated maps and findings will be exhibited and discussed at SPACE Gallery on September 27, 2017. Please consult this page for event details.

The Complete City represents the continuation of PSA’s collaboration with our community partners: Creative Portland, The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and The University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service.

Previous programming includes The Challenge of Change: Are We Loving Portland to Death in 2015, The Visioning Growth Charrettes ,summer 2016, and the Alex Krieger lecture, fall 2016 , sponsored by the University of New England’s Center for Global Humanities.

Portland Society for Architecture

Portland Society for Architecture (PSA) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 2006 to promote the progress and economic development of Greater Portland by encouraging innovation and vision in design and planning.

Who belongs to the PSA?  Everyone!  Membership dues have been forgone, beginning in 2017, and PSA collects donations only.

PSA’s followers include individuals committed to the protection and enhancement of those aspects of urban design which contribute greatly to Portland’s economic activity and cultural identity. Through advocacy and educational programming, PSA engages a broad constituency in the effort to insure that Portland will ultimately take its place among the truly great smaller cities in the United States.

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