What is “The Complete City”?

“The Complete City” is an expression that emerged out of a multi-year collaboration with multiple community partners and now focuses on creating dialogue about what makes a great place, neighborhood, city, and region.

How realistic should my work be?

There is no criterion for the practicability of your works.

Can I design beyond the boundary of the city of Portland?

The competition is intended to imagine new ideas for Portland, Maine. Your idea can extend beyond Portland as long as Portland is the focus.

Can I make my own map and reference it?

No, you must reference at least one existing maps.

Can I reference more than one map?

Yes, you can reference more than one map.

Do I need to state which map inspires me in my submission?

Yes, on the submission page you will be asked to reference at least one map that was used as the inspiration.


How do I submit my work?

All images and text will be uploaded through our website. The form will be available soon.

Can I put my statement on the images?

If text is part of your visual image then it can be on the image but the submission will still require a separate 250 max statement separate from the image.

Can I submit more than 4 images?

No, this competition limits each submission to 4 images.

Can I submit larger images than 11×17?

No, all submitted images are required to be 11” x 17” @ 200 dpi min.

Do I need to have a name or title of my submission?

No, to maintain anonymity, names or titles are intentionally be left off any submission (AP)

Where I can find base files and site information?

We do not provide base files for this competition, however, GIS Data about Portland, Maine can be found here.

Do I need to have margins for the images?

As long as the image is 11” x 17”, margins will be left up to the participant

Do I need to comply with the format and template?

Yes, the specified format and template are required for publication and exhibition purposes.

Can I have multiple submissions?

Yes,  if you’d like to submit multiple times, you would be required to register multiple times to receive a different entry number, and each submission will be judged separately.

Will you accept physical submission?

No, physical submissions will not be accepted.


When/How will I know if I have received an award?

Award winners will be notified via e-mail

If I did not win an award, will you still present my work on exhibition?

All participants who entered a submission will be notified if their work has been chosen to be presented in publication or exhibition.